Digital Education in Higher Education

Today’s students want always-on access to the network and resources, wherever they are on or off campus, for a deeper and more flexible learning experience. Moreover, due COVID outbreak, millions of students worldwide were not able to attend their classes and continue education. This unprecedented and unexpected disruption has led to the sudden and steep increase in the adoption of e-learning technologies in higher education and it is expected to increase further in the future.

Not just a Digital Library

Increased innovation in teaching and pedagogical methods, demand for an enhanced learning experience and availability of varied learning resources and opportunities supported by technology. To meet this demand, implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) or an edtech platform will not be enough. The implemented system should have reasonable volume of digital learning resources that can be accessed by all the members of the institution from anywhere, any time and on any device both online and offline with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support. Considering the need for quality learning resources, we provide colleges and universities a cloud-based digital library platform with a wide range of learning resources for self-paced flexible learning and flipped classroom.

Features of Digital Library Platform

  • White-labelled Platform

    A cloud-based digital library platform with a mobile app white-labelled to institution brand. The platform is very easy to use, and it does not require any hardware or software to be purchased, installed or maintained. It is a SaaS-based platform hosted in secure cloud servers.

  • Digital Library of eContent

    The digital library platform includes 5000+ ebooks, lecture notes, videos, etc., resources in different formats from various subjects, streams and disciplines. To build this digital library further with more and more quality learning materials, the platform facilitates institution, faculty and any other authorised personnel of the institution to upload their own learning and teaching materials into the Digital Library.

  • Online Certification Courses

    While providing thousands of digital learning resources, the digital library platform also provides 100+ online certification courses. These online courses are designed and created in collaboration with experts from academia and industry to help students improve academic performance and develop industry-required employability skills.

  • Social Learning for Peer Education

    Emerging technologies including social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) are impacting higher education, and requires institutions to adopt innovative learning and teaching approaches. To make the online learning more engaging, interactive and effective, the platform facilitates students to connect, collaborate and engage with peers and experts across institutions and with industry professionals – both nationally and internationally.

  • Communication and Collaboration

    Staying connected with your students and providing just-in-time teaching and academic support is very critical. The platform provides a notice board and private messaging system for the institutions and the authorised personnel to send instant messages and updates to all or any specific group of students.

    • While providing thousands of ebooks, curated videos and 100,000+ open online journals, and 100+ online certification courses, the platform also provides flexibility to integrate other products and services offered by uLektz such as:

      • Virtual Classroom for Live Lecturing
      • Internships and Job Placements Support
      • Online Educational Events Management
      • Building Institution’s Own MOOCs Platform
      • Publishing and Selling Digital Learning Content

      Implementing our Digital Library Platform with your institution branded mobile app is very easy and simple. You don’t need to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software. No big investment is required. It is very cost-effective.

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