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Theory of Computation (Anna Univ)

Theory of Computation (Anna Univ)

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Course Code : BE V-Sem (CSE)
University : Anna University, Tamil Nadu
Regulation : 2021
Categories : Engineering
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Unit - 1 :

Automata Fundamentals Introduction to formal proof – Additional forms of Proof – Inductive Proofs – Finite Automata – Deterministic Finite Automata – Non-deterministic Finite Automata – Finite Automata with Epsilon Transitions

Unit - 2 :

Regular Expressions And Languages Regular Expressions – FA and Regular Expressions – Proving Languages not to be regular – Closure Properties of Regular Languages – Equivalence and Minimization of Automata.

Unit - 3 :

Context Free Grammar And Languages CFG – Parse Trees – Ambiguity in Grammars and Languages – Definition of the Pushdown Automata – Languages of a Pushdown Automata – Equivalence of Pushdown Automata and CFG, Deterministic Pushdown Automata.

Unit - 4 :

Properties of Context Languages Normal Forms for CFG – Pumping Lemma for CFL – Closure Properties of CFL – Turing Machines – Programming Techniques for TM.

Unit - 5 :

Undecidability Non Recursive Enumerable (RE) Language – Undecidable Problem with RE – Undecidable Problems about TM – Post’s Correspondence Problem, The Class P and NP.

Note : Theory of Computation (Anna), BE V (CSE)

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