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Supply Chain Management (JNTU)

Supply Chain Management (JNTU)

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Course Code : MBA II-Sem (JNTU-H)
ISBN : 9700112233112
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH)
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Logistics and Competitive strategy:

Competitive Advantage – Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Logistics-Integrated Supply Chains–

Competitive Performance - Models in Logistics Management - Logistics to Supply Chain Management – Focus

Areas in Supply Chain Management- Customer Service and Retention- Basic Service Capability Value Added



Measuring logistics costs and Performance

The Concept of Total Cost Analysis – Principles of Logistics Costing – Logistics and the Bottom-Line – Impact

of Logistics on Shareholder Value - Customer Profitability Analysis – Direct Product Profitability – Cost Drivers

and Activity-Based Costing.


Logistics and Supply chain relationships

Benchmarking the Logistics Process and SCM Operations – Mapping the Supply Chain Processes – Supplier

and Distributor Benchmarking – Setting Benchmarking Priorities – Identifying Logistics Performance Indicators

– Channel Structure – Economics of Distribution – Channel Relationships – Logistics Service Alliances.


Sourcing, Transporting and Pricing Products

Sourcing Decisions and Transportation in Supply Chain – Infrastructure Suppliers of Transport Services

– Transportation Economics and Pricing – Documentation - Pricing and Revenue Management Lack of

Coordination and Bullwhip Effect - Impact of Lack of Coordination. - CRM – Internal Supply Chain Management.


Managing global Logistics and global Supply Chains

Logistics in a Global Economy – Views of Global Logistics - Global Operating Levels – Interlinked Global

Economy – The Global Supply Chains - Global Supply Chain Business Processes – Global Strategy – Global

Purchasing – Global Logistics – Channels in Global Logistics – Global Alliances – Issues and Challenges in

Global Supply Chain Management.


Note : MBA II-Sem (JNTU-HYD), Supply Chain Management, it is according to 2017-18 syllabus. Dec-2018, June/July-2018 QP with solutions.

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