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Strategic Management Accounting (O.U)

Strategic Management Accounting (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA II-SEM (O.U)
ISBN : 9700112233093
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Management
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Introduction to Management Control

Strategic Management accounting – Meaning – Scope – Strategic importance – Nature and characteristics of

Management Control system. Cost behaviour and decision making – Fixed and variable costs – C.V.P analysis –

Marginal Costing-Concept of break even analysis – Uses for decision making – Optimization of product mix – Make

or buy – Capacity Utilization – Plant shutdown – Key factor analysis.


Strategic Planning and Control & Accounting for Control

Strategic Planning, Management Control and Operational Control – Meaning and Concept and purpose.

Standard costing – Concept and purpose of standards – Types of standards – Standard setting – Variance

analysis – Interpretation-Budgetary control – Meaning & purpose – Component of effective budgeting program

– Performance budgeting – Zero based budgeting – Concept – Importance and relevance.


Responsibility Accounting

Responsibility Centers – Need for divisionalization – Types of responsibility centers – Performance reports –

Responsibility accounting – Behavioural aspects – Segmented Performance evaluation – Transfer Pricing.


Activity based Costing and Customer account profitability analysis

Activity based costing systems – Meaning – Tracing costs from activities to products and services – Activity

based Management – Activity Cost drivers – Activity based Costing vs traditional costing. Customer account

profitability analysis – Meaning and need for CAP analysis – Managing Customer Profitability Managing

Relationships – Customer Costs in Service Companies.


Strategic decisions for Product life cycle, Activity Based Costing and Competitor analysis

Product life cycle costing – PLC assessment – Cost assessment – Pricing and evaluation criteria for products at

different stages of PLC. Competitor accounting – Concept and Importance – Sources of Competitor information

– Competitive pricing and bidding. Target Costing and Cost analysis for Pricing decisions.

Note : MBA II-Sem OU, Strategic Management Accounting it is according to 2016-17 (CBCS) syllabus.

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