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Retail Management (O.U)

Retail Management (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA II-Sem (O.U)
ISBN : 9700112233091
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Management
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Retailing : Role, Relevance and Trends – Introduction to Retailing, what is Retailing and Economy, Types of

Retailing , Characteristics of Retailing, Functions and Activities of Retailing.


Retail in India – Emergence of Organized Retailing Traditional Retail Formats – Cooperatives and Government

Modern Retail Formals in India. Retailing Rural India, Geographical Spread of Indian Market – Retail in Food,

Health, Clothing and Home Furniture.

International Retailing – Alternative Conceptions of International Retailing, Definitions, Interpretations and

Classification – Trends in the internationalization of Retailing and Evolution of International Retailing - Motives

for International Retailing.


Retail Marketing: Segmentation – Retail Market Segmentation and Franchising – Relationship Marketing in

Retailing-Retailing in Banking and other Financial Services, Mutual Funds and Insurance – Social Marketing in Retail Management.

Retail Pricing – Strategies – Retail Promotion Strategies -Advertising and Sales Promotion.


Merchandise Management : Sources of Merchandise, Logistic Management , Category Management, Store

Layout Design and Visual Merchandising, Retailing Strategy and Customer Services.


CRM Process in Retailing Legal and Compliances for Store : Customer Data, Analyzing. Retailing,

Developing CRM Program – Implementing CRM Program.

Legal and Compliances License Contract and Recovery Legal Process Law- Shops Establishment – IPR

Patent Copy Right Trade Marks – Customer Rights in Consumer Protection Acts.

Note : MBA II-Sem OU, Retail Management it is according to 2016-17 (CBCS) syllabus.

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