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Programming with C (OU)

Programming with C (OU)

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Course Code : B.Com II-III (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Introduction to C Language, Data Types and I/O Operations

Introduction: Types of Languages – History of C Language – Basic Structure – Creating – Compiling – Linking

and Executing the C Program – Pre-processors in “C”.

Types and I/O Operations: Keywords and Identifiers – Constants – Variables – Scope and Life of a Variable –

Data Types – Storage Classes – Reading a Character or Values – Writing a Character or Value – Formatted

Input and Output Operations.


Operators, Expressions and Decision Making

Operators : Introduction – Arithmetic – Relational – Logical – Assignment – Conditional – Special Operators –

Expressions: Arithmetic – Evaluation – Type Conversions.

Decision Making and Looping: Introduction – if Statements – if-else Statements – switch Statements – Conditional

Statements – while Statements – do Statements – for Statements.


Arrays and Strings

Arrays: Introduction – Defining an Array – Initializing an Array – One-dimensional Array – Two-dimensional Array – Dynamic Array. Strings: Introduction – Declaring and Initializing String Variables – Reading and Writing Strings – String Handling Functions.


Built-in Functions and User-defined Functions

Built-in Functions: Mathematical Functions – String Functions – Character Functions – Date Functions. Userdefined

Functions: Introduction – Need for User Defined Functions – Elements of Functions – Return Values and their Types – Function Declaration – Function Calls – Recursive Functions.


Structures and Pointers

Structures: Introduction – Declaring Structures Variables – Accessing Structure Members – Functions and

Structures – Array of Structures – Enumerated Data Types – Introduction to Unions.

Pointers: Fundamentals – Understanding Pointers – Address – Declaration of Pointers.

Note : Programming with C, B.Com II-III (O.U)

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