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Programming for Problem Solving Using C (JNTU-K)

Programming for Problem Solving Using C (JNTU-K)

Published by SIA Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd.

Course Code : B.Tech I-I (R20)
ISBN : 9700112234082
University : JNTU Kakinada
Regulation : 2021
Categories : Engineering
Format : ico_bookPDF (DRM Protected)
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Introduction to Computers: Creating and Running Programs, Computer Numbering System, Storing Integers, Storing Real Numbers. Introduction to the C Language: Background, C Programs, Identifiers, Types, Variable, Constants, Input/Output, Programming Examples, Scope, Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers. Structure of a C Program: Expressions, Precedence and Associativity, Side Effects, Evaluating Expressions, Type Conversion, Statements, Simple Programs, Command Line Arguments.


Bitwise Operators: Exact Size Integer Types, Logical Bitwise Operators, Shift Operators. Selection & Making Decisions: Logical Data and Operators, Two Way Selection, Multiway Selection, More Standard Functions. Repetition: Concept of Loop, Pretest and Post-test Loops, Initialization and Updating, Event and Counter Controlled Loops, Loops in C, Other Statements Related to Looping, Looping Applications, Programming Examples.


Arrays: Concepts, Using Array in C, Array Application, Two-dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Programming Example – Calculate Averages. Strings: String Concepts, C String, String Input/Output Functions, Arrays of Strings, String Manipulation Functions, String / Data Conversion, A Programming Example – Morse Code. Enumerated, Structure and Union: The Type Definition (Typedef), Enumerated Types, Structure, Unions, Programming Application.


Pointers: Introduction, Pointers to Pointers, Compatibility, LValue and RValue. Pointer Applications: Arrays and Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic and Arrays, Memory Allocation Function, Array of Pointers, Programming Application. Processor Commands: Processor Commands.


Functions: Designing Structured Programs, Function in C, User-defined Functions, Inter-function Communication, Standard Functions, Passing Array to Functions, Passing Pointers to Functions, Recursion. Text Input / Output: Files, Streams, Standard Library Input / Output Functions, Formatting Input / Output Functions, Character Input / Output Functions. Binary Input / Output: Text Versus Binary Streams, Standard Library Functions for Files, Converting File Type.

Note : Programming for Problem Solving Using C, B.Tech I-Year I-Sem (R20)

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Publisher Name: SIA Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd.

Contact Email Id:

Address:#5-1-911/5, Universal Book Mall, Putli BowliKoti, Hyderabad - 500095Telangana State, India