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Production and Operations Management (III-Sem JNTU-H)

Production and Operations Management (III-Sem JNTU-H)

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Course Code : MBA III-Sem
ISBN : 9700112233202
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH)
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Introduction to Operations Management

Functional Subsystems of Organization, Definition, Systems Concept of Production, Types of Production

Systems – Flow, Job Shop, Batch Manufacturing and Project, Strategic Operations Management – Corporate

Strategic, Generic Competitive Strategies, Functional Strategies, Productivity, World Class Manufacturing.


Product Design and Analysis

New Product Development – Its Concepts, Steps of Product Design, Process Planning and Design- Selection of

Process, Responsibilities of Process Planning Engineer, Steps in Process Planning. Process Design – Process

Research, Pilot Plant Development, Capacity Planning, Enhanced Capacity using Optimization. Value Analysis/

Value Engineering – Value Analysis Application, Value Engineering Procedure, Advantages and Application

Areas Ergonomic Considerations in Product Design. Standardization: Standardization Procedure, Advantages

of Standardization, Application of Standardization.


Plant Location and Plant Layout

Factors Influencing Plant Location, Break-even Analysis. Single Facility Location Problem, Multi-facility Location

Problems – Model for Multi-facility Location Problem, Model to Determine X- Coordinates of New Facilities,

Model to Determine Y-Coordinate, Plant Layout – Plant Layout Introduction, Classification of Layout, Advantages

and Limitations of Product Layout, Advantages and Limitations of Group Technology Layout, Layout Design




Introduction, Johnson’s Algorithm, Extension of Johnson’s Rule. Job Shop Scheduling: Introduction, Types of

Schedules, Schedule Generation, Heuristic Procedures, Priority Dispatching Rules. Two Jobs and ‘m’ Machines

Scheduling, Quality Control Concepts.


Materials Management

Integrated Materials Management, Components of Integrated Materials Management- Materials Planning,

Inventory Control, Purchase Management, Stores Management. EOQ, Models of Inventory, Operation of

Inventory Systems, Quantity Discount, Implementation of Purchase Inventory Model – Incoming Materials

Control, Obsolete Surplus and Scrap Management, ABC Analysis, XYZ Analysis, VED Analysis, FSN Analysis,

SDE Analysis.


Note : Production and Operations Management (III-Sem JNTU-H)

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