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Political Science CIVICS (First Year)

Political Science CIVICS (First Year)

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Course Code : CEC
University : Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE)
Regulation : 2021
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Introduction of political science 1. Meaning and Definition of Political Science 2. Nature of Political Science 3. Scope of Political Science 4. Significance of Political Science 5. Relation between Political Science and other Social Sciences. (a) Sociology (b) History (c) Economics


State 1. Meaning and Definitions of State 2. Essential Elements of the State 3. Relation between the State and others Institutions. (a) State and Society (b) State and Government (c) State and Associations 4. Sovereignty; Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics and aspects of sovereignty.


Nation States – Nationalism 1. Introduction and Importance of Nationalism. (a) Meaning and Definitions of Nation, Nationality (b) Essential Elements of Nationality 2. National Self Determination


Political Concepts 1. Law (a) Meaning and definitions of Law (b) Sources of Law (c) Classification of Law (d) Rule of Law 2. Liberty (a) Meaning and Definitions of Liberty (b) Characteristics of Liberty (c) Types of Liberty (d) Safeguards of Liberty 3. Equality (a) Meaning of Equality (b) Essential Features of Equality (c) Types of Equality 4. Justice (a) Introduction and Definitions of Justice (b) Major concepts of Justice (c) Types of Justice 5. Power (a) Concept of Power (b) Nature and Significance of Power (c) Different forms of Power


Important Political ideologies (a) Liberalism and its basic features (b) Socialism and its basic features (c) Communism and its basic features (d) Gandhism and its basic features


Rights and duties 1. Rights (a) Meaning and Definitions (b) Important features of Rights (c) Classification of Rights (d) Safeguards of Rights (e) Human Rights 2. Duties (a) Meaning and Definitions (b) Types of Duties (c) Relation between Rights and Duties


Citizenship (a) Introduction and Concept of Citizenship (b) Methods of acquiring Citizenship and loss of Citizenship (c) Qualities of Good Citizenship


Democracy (a) Meaning and Definition (b) Features Democracy (c) Types of Democracy (d) The essential conditions for the success of Democracy (e) The Role of Public opinion in Democracy


Secularism (a) Meaning and Definitions (b) Important features of Secularism (c) Secular State and Theocratic State


Constitution (a) Meaning and Definitions of Constitution (b) Essential features of Constitution (c) Classification of Constitutions (i) Written (ii) Unwritten (ii) Rigid (iv) Flexible


Organs of Government (a) Concept of Government (b) Theory of separation of Powers (c) Legislature : Powers and Functions (d) Executive : Powers and Functions (e) Judiciary : Powers and Functions


Forms of Governments (a) Introduction and Classification of Governments (b) Unitary Government and its features (c) Federal Government and its features (d) Presidential form of Government and its features (e) Parliamentary form of Government and its feature

Note : Political Science CIVICS (INTER - First Year) C.E.C (T.S) Spectrum ALL-IN-ONE (Question Bank, Previous QP's & Model Papers and FAQ's & IQ's) (English Medium) 2020-21 Edition

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