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Physics Paper-III (Thermodynamics (O.U))

Physics Paper-III (Thermodynamics (O.U))

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Course Code : B.Sc II-III (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Unit - I

1. Kinetic Theory of Gases

Introduction – Deduction of Maxwell’s law of distribution of molecular speeds, Transport phenomena –

Viscosity of gases – Thermal conductivity – Diffusion of gases.

2. Thermodynamics

Basics of thermodynamics – Kelvin’s and Claussius statements – Thermodynamic scale of temperature –

Entropy, Physical significance – Change in entropy in reversible and irreversible processes – Entropy and

disorder – Entropy of universe – Temperature – Entropy (T-S) diagram – Change of entropy of a perfect gas

– Change of entropy when ice changes into steam.

Unit - II

3. Thermodynamic Potentials and Maxwell’s Equations

Thermodynamic potentials – Derivation of Maxwell’s thermodynamic relations – Clausius – Clayperon’s

equation – Derivation for ratio of specific heats – Derivation for difference of two specific heats for perfect

gas. Joule Kelvin effect – Expression for Joule Kelvin coefficient for perfect and Vanderwaal’s gas.

4. Low Temperature Physics

Joule kelvin effect – Liquefaction of gas using porous plug experiment. Joule expansion – Distinction

between adiabatic and Joule Thomson expansion – Expression for Joule Thomson cooling – Liquefaction

of helium, Kapitza’s method – Adiabatic demagnetization – Production of low temperatures – Principle of

refrigeration, vapour compression type.

Unit - III

5. Quantum Theory of Radiation

Black body-Ferry’s black body – Distribution of energy in the spectrum of black body – Wein’s displacement

law, Wein’s law, Rayleigh-Jean’s law – Quantum theory of radiation – Planck’s law – Deduction of Wein’s

distribution law, Rayleigh – Jeans law, Stejan’s law from Planck’s law.

Measurement of radiation using pyrometers – Disappearing filament optical pyrometer – Experimental Determination

– Angstrom pyroheliometer – Determination of solar constant, Effective temperature of sun.

Unit - IV

6. Statistical Mechanics

Introduction, postulates of statistical mechanics. Phase space, concept of ensembles and some known

ensembles, classical and quantum statistics and their differences, concept of probability, Maxwell-

Boltzmann’s distribution law – Molecular energies in an ideal gas-Maxwell-Boltzmann’s velocity distribution

law, Bose-Einstein Distribution law, Fermi-Dirac Distribution law, comparison of three distribution laws,

Application of B-E distribution to Photons-planks radiation formula, Application of Fermi-Dirac statistics

to white dwarfs and Neutron stars.

Note : Physics Paper-III (Thermodynamics (O.U)), B.Sc II-III (O.U)

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