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Operations Management (O.U)

Operations Management (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA III-Sem (O.U)
ISBN : 9700112233249
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2021
Categories : Management
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Similarities and Differences between Products and Services. Basic Manufacturing Process: Casting,

Machining, Welding, Shearing Extrusion, Heat Treatment and Unconventional Machining. The Transformation

Process: Manufacturing, Service and Hybrid Agile Manufacturing, Operations Strategy.

Process Design – Project, Job, Batch, Assembly and Continuous. Factors Effecting Process Design.

Functions of Production, Planning and Control. Interface of Product Life Cycle and Process Life Cycle.


Long – Range Capacity Planning:

Capacity Planning, Line Balancing, Facility Location and Facility Layout. Service Facility Layout.

Aggregate Planning: Aggregate Demand, Criteria for Selecting Aggregate Plans , Aggregate Plans for

Service and Mathematical Models for Aggregate Planning.

Master Production Scheduling: Objective, Procedure and Time Frame.

Sequencing of Operations: n-Jobs with One, Two and Three Facilities.

Maintenance Management: Repair Programmes, Break Down, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Maintenance Issues in Service Organizations.


Work Study and Service Management:

(a) Work Study : Definition and its Advantages and the Various Components. Techniques of Methods

Analysis and Work Measurement.

(b) Service Management: Nature of Services. Types of Service Operations- Quasi Manufacturing, Customer

as Participant and Customer as Product.

Scheduling Challenges in Various Service Operations, Value Creation through Service.

Service Quality , Culture and Innovation.


Materials Management:

Need and Importance of Materials Management. Materials Requirement Planning, Manufacturing Resource

Planning. Purchase Management: Sources of Supply of Materials, Selection, Evaluation and Rating of

Vendors. Methods of Vendor Rating. Value Analysis: The Concept and its Role in Cost Reduction.


Stores Management:

Inventory Decision: Need, Functions and Significance of Inventory, Safety Stock. Deterministic Models

of Inventory: Purchase and Manufacturing Models without and with Shortages. Probabilistic Models of

Inventory: Fixed Order Quantity Systems and Fixed Period Quantity Systems.

Stores Management: Functions of Stores and Materials Control. Classification, Codification, Simplification

and Standardization of Materials. Bin Card, Double-Bin and Stores Ledger. Selective Inventory Control:

ABC, XYZ, VED, FSN and SDE Analysis.

Note : Operations Management (O.U), MBA III-Sem (O.U) 2020-21

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