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Operating Systems (Computer Science-V)

Operating Systems (Computer Science-V)

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Course Code : B.Sc III-V (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Introduction: Computer System Architecture, Computing Environments. Operating System Structures: Operating System Services, User Interface for Operating System, System Calls, Types of System Calls, Operating System Structure. Process Management: Process Concept, Process Scheduling, Operations on Processes, Inter Process Communication, Examples – Producer-Consumer Problem. Process Synchronization: Critical-section Problem, Peterson’s Solution, Synchronization, Semaphores, Monitors.


CPU Scheduling: Concepts, Scheduling Criteria, Scheduling Algorithms. Deadlocks: System Model, Deadlock Characterization, Methods for Handling Deadlocks, Deadlock

Prevention, Deadlock Avoidance, Deadlock Detection, Recovery from Deadlock.


Main Memory: Introduction, Swapping, Contiguous Memory Allocation, Segmentation, Paging. Virtual Memory: Introduction, Demand Paging, Page Replacement, Allocation of Frames, Thrashing. Mass-Storage Structure: Overview, Disk Scheduling, RAID Structure. File Systems: File Concept, Access Methods, Directory and Disk Structure, File System Mounting, Protection. File System Implementation, Directory Implementation, Allocation Methods, Free-space Management.

Note : Operating Systems (Computer Science-V), B.Sc III-V (O.U)

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