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Management and Organizational Behaviour (O.U)

Management and Organizational Behaviour (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA I-Sem
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Management Process and Functions, Scientific and Modern Management, 3D Model of Managerial Behaviour

– MOB – MBWA – Line and Staff – The Peter’s Principle – Parkinson’s Law – Main Approaches to Organisation

Structure-Management – Classical, Human Relations, Systems and Contingency Approaches, Hawthorne’s

Experiments – Human Engineering.


Decision Making and Negotiations: Approaches to Decision Making – Rational, Behavioural, Practical and

Personal Approaches – Open and Closed Models of Decision Making, Types and Steps in Planning, Authority,

Responsibility, Centralisation, Decentralisation and Recentralisation, Bureaucracy.


Psychological Contract – Personality Traits, Big 5 Personality Traits, MBTI Inventory, The Process of Perception

– Perceptual Distortions and Errors, Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory, Motivation – Content Theories: Maslow,

Alderfer, Herzberg, McCleland, Process Theories: Vroom, Porter and Lawler, Equity Theory – Goal Theory –

Attribution Theory.


Models of OB – Autocratic, Custodial, Supportive, Collegial and System Models, Transactional Analysis, Johari

Window. Group Dynamics: Typology of Groups – Conflicts in Groups – The Nature of Conflict – Reactions to

Conflict – A Model of Conflict. Trait and Behavioural Approaches to Leadership, Managerial Grid, Path-Goal

Theory, Vroom’s Decision Tree Approach to Leadership – Herseay and Blanchard Model.


Organisation Design, Organisation Culture and Organisation Climate, Stress Management and Counseling,

Management of Change and Organisation Development, Communication – Emerging Aspects of OB.


Note : Management and Organizational Behaviour (O.U), MBA I-Sem

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