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HVDC Transmission (JNTU-A)

HVDC Transmission (JNTU-A)

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Course Code : B.Tech IV-II (EEE) R15
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur (JNTUA)
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Engineering
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Introduction to HVDC Transmission HVDC Transmission: Technical and economical comparison of HVAC and HVDC transmission, Types of D.C links, Power handling capabilities of HVDC lines, Static conversion principles, Static converter configuration.


Static power converter Analysis Static Power Converters: 3-pulse, 6-pulse and 12-pulse converters, Converter station and terminal equipment, Commutation process, Rectifier and inverter operation, Equivalent circuit for rectifier, Inverter and HVDC link – Special features of converters.


Control of HVDC Converter Systems Control of HVDC Converter Systems: Principle of D.C link control – Constant current, Constant extinction angle and constant ignition angle control and voltage dependent current control. Individual phase control and equidistant firing angle control


Harmonics and Filters Origin of harmonics in HVDC systems, Classification of harmonics, Elimination of harmonics, Suppression methods, Harmonic instability problems, Design of HVDC A.C and D.C filters.


Transients, Faults and Protection of HVDC Systems Origin of over voltages in HVDC systems, Over voltages due to D.C and A.C side line faults – Converter faults, Over current protection – Valve group and D.C line protection. Over voltage protection of converters, Surge arresters etc

Note : HVDC Transmission, B.Tech IV-Year II-Sem (EEE) R15 (MOOC-3) JNTU-Anantapur, Latest 2020 Edition

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