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Financial Institutions and Market (O.U)

Financial Institutions and Market (O.U)

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Course Code : B.Com III-Sem (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
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INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM Components – Functions – Flow of Funds Matrix – Financial System and Economic Development – Recent Developments in Indian Financial System – Weaknesses of Indian Financial System.


FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Commercial Banking: Types – Functions – Lending by Commercial Banks – Recent Developments – Merchant Banking-Functions – Venture Capital – Objectives – Private Equity – Role in Start-ups – Hire Purchase and Leasing – Non-Banking Finance Companies: Types – Functions.


MONEY MARKET Functions of Money Market – Organization of Money Market – Dealers – Money Market Instruments – RBI – Functions - Role of RBI in Money Market - LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility), MSF (Marginal Standing Facility), Repo, and Reverse Repo – MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) – Structure and Functions.


DEBT MARKET Evolution of Debt Markets in India - Money Market and Debt Market in India – Instruments and Players in Debt Market: Government Securities - PSU Bonds - Corporate Bonds - Securities Trading Corporation of India - Primary Dealers in Government Securities – Bonds: Features of Bonds - Types of Bonds - Bond Ratings.


EQUITY MARKET Meaning - Development of Equity Culture in India – Primary Market: IPO and FPO – Methods of IPO - Role of Merchant Bankers in Fixing the Price - Red Herring Prospectus – Sweat Equity - ESOP – Rights Issue – Secondary Market: Meaning and Functions of Stock Exchanges - Evolution and Growth of Stock Exchanges - Stock Exchanges in India - Recent Developments in Indian Stock Exchanges - Stock Market Indices – SEBI: Objectives and Functions.

Note : Financial Institutions and Market (O.U) B.Com III-Sem (O.U) 2020-21

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