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Financial Institutions, Markets and Services (JNTU-H)

Financial Institutions, Markets and Services (JNTU-H)

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Course Code : MBA III-Sem
ISBN : 9700112233210
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH)
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Introduction: The Structure of Indian Financial System; Equilibrium in Financial Markets; Indicators of Financial

Development, Structure of Financial Institutions, Financial System and Economic Development ; Financial

Sector Reforms after 1991 – Recent Developments of Indian Financial System.

Regulatory and Promotional Institutions: Function and Role of RBI, Monetary Policy and Techniques of

Monetary Control of RBI, Major Changes in Monetary Policy. The Role and Functions of SEBI. An Update on

the Performance on Non-statutory Financial Organization like IFCI, IRBI, IDFC, NABARD, SIDBI, and SFCs.


Banking and Non Banking Institutions: Commercial Banks – Growth and Structure of Commercial

Banks- Competition, Interest Rates, Spreads and NPAs. Bank Capital – Adequacy Norms and Capital Market

Support. Banking Innovations – E-banking- Risk Management in Banking. Co-operative Banks - Features,

Structure and Growth, Government Initiatives to Strengthen the Co-operative Banks.

Non-banking Financial Institutions: Structure and Functioning of Unit Trust of India and Mutual Funds.

Growth of Indian Mutual Funds and its Regulation. The Role of AMFI. Insurance Companies – Structure and

Investment Pattern of Public and Private Sector Insurance Companies, Competition, Innovation, Role of IRDA,

Challenges of Insurance Sector in India.


Financial and Securities Markets: Structure and Functions of Call Money Market, Government Securities

Market – T-bills market, Commercial Bills Market, Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposits- Securities

markets – Organization and Structure, Listing Trading and Settlement. SEBI and Regulation of Primary and

Secondary Markets. Role and Functions of Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.


Asset /Fund Based Financial Services – Lease Finance- Conceptual and Regulatory Framework, Classification

and Financial Leasing, Hire Purchase and Consumer Credit, Factoring and Forfeiting, Housing Finance, Venture

Capital Financing.


Fee-based / Advisory Services: Investment Banking – Introduction, Functions and Activities of Merchant

Bankers, Lead Managers, Underwriting, Bankers to an Issue, Debenture Trustees, Portfolio Managers.

Challenges Faced by Investment Bankers. Stock Broking, Custodial Services, Depository System, Credit

Rating – Role of Agencies, Process, Regulations CIBIL.


Note : Financial Institutions, Markets and Services (JNTU-H), MBA (III-Sem) JNTU-HYD

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