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Excel Foundation (O.U)

Excel Foundation (O.U)

Published by SIA Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd.

Course Code : B.Com III-V (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Introducing Excel

Workbooks and Worksheets, Moving Around a Worksheet, Ribbon Tabs, Types of Commands on the Ribbon, Using Shortcut Menus, Working with Dialogue Boxes, Task Panes, Getting Started on Your Worksheet, Creating a Chart, Printing Your Worksheet, Saving Your Worksheet, Exploring Data Types, Modifying Cell Contents, Deleting, Replacing, Editing of a Cell. Some Handy Data Entry Techniques, Number Formatting.


Worksheet Operations

Moving and Resizing Windows, Switching Among Windows, Activating a Worksheet, Adding, Deleting a Worksheet, Changing a Sheet Tab Color, Rearranging Your Worksheets, Hiding, Un-hiding a Worksheet, Worksheet View, Comparing Sheets Side by Side, Selecting Ranges, Complete Rows and Columns, Noncontiguous Ranges, Multi-sheet Ranges, Special Types of Cells. Copying or Moving Ranges. Paste Special Dialogue Box, Adding Comments to Cells.


Tables and Formatting

Creating a Table, Changing the Look of a table, Navigating in a Table, Selecting Parts of a Table, Adding, Deleting New Rows or Columns, Moving a Table, Working with the Total Row, Removing Duplicate Rows from a Table. Sorting and Filtering a Table, Converting Table into Range. Formatting

Tools on the Home Tab, Mini Toolbar, Fonts, Text Alignment, Wrapping Text to Fit a Cell, Colors and Shading, Borders and Lines. Naming Styles.


Excel Files and Templates

Creating a New Workbook, Filtering Filenames, Saving and Auto Recovery, Password-Protecting a Workbook, Recovering Unsaved Work, Protect Workbook Options, Checking Compatibility. Creating a Excel Templates, Modifying a Template, Custom Excel Templates, Default Templates, Editing Your Template, Resetting the Default Workbook, Saving Your Custom Templates, Getting Ideas for Creating



Printing Your Work

Normal, Page Layout, Page Break View, Choosing Your Printer, Specifying What You Want to Print, Changing Page Orientation, Specifying Paper Size, Adjusting Page Margins, Inserting a Page Break, Removing Manual Page Breaks, Printing Row and Column Titles, Scaling Printed Output, Header or Footer Options, Preventing Certain Cells, Objects from Being Printed, Creating Custom Views of YourWorksheet. Creating PDF Files.

Note : Excel Foundation, B.Com III-V (O.U)

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