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Database Management Systems (Computer Science - IV)

Database Management Systems (Computer Science - IV)

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Course Code : B.Sc II-IV (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Arts and Science
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Introduction to Databases: Introduction, Traditional File-based Systems, Database Approach, Roles in the Database Environment, Advantages and Disadvantages of DBMSs, The Three-level ANSI-SPARC Architecture, Database Languages, Data Models, Functions of a DBMS, Components of a DBMS. Relational Model: Introduction, Terminology, Integrity Constraints, Views. The Relational Algebra: Unary Operations, Set Operations, Join Operations, Division Operation, Aggregation and Grouping Operations.


SQL: Introduction, Data Manipulation – Simple Queries, Sorting Results, Using the SQL Aggregate Functions, Grouping Results, Sub-queries, ANY and ALL, Multi-table Queries, EXISTS and NOT EXIST, Combining Result Tables, Database Updates. SQL: The ISO SQL Data Types, Integrity Enhancement Feature – Domain Constraints, Entity Integrity, Referential Integrity, General Constraints, Data Definition – Creating a Database, Creating a Table, Changing a Table Definition, Removing a Table, Creating and Index, Removing an Index, Views – Creating a View, Removing a View, View Resolution, Restrictions on Views, View Updatability, WITH CHECK OPTION, Advantages and Disadvantages of Views, View Materialization, Transactions, Discretionary Access Control – Granting Privileges to Other Users, Revoking Privileges from Users. Advanced SQL: The SQL Programming Language – Declarations, Assignments, Control Statements, Exceptions, Cursors, Subprograms, Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages, Triggers, Recursion.


Entity-Relationship Modeling: Entity Types, Relationship Types, Attributes, Keys, Strong and Weak Entity Types, Attributes on Relationships, Structural Constraints, Problems with ER Models – Fan Traps, Chasm Traps. Enhanced Entity-Relationship Modeling: Specialization/Generalization, Aggregation, Composition. Functional Dependencies: Anomalies, Partial Functional Dependency, Transitive Functional Dependency, Multivalued Dependency, Join Dependency. Normalization: The Purpose of Normalization, How Normalization Supports Database Design, Data Redundancy and Update Anomalies, Functional Dependencies in Brief, The Process of Normalization, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF. The Database Design Methodology for Relational Databases.


Transaction Management: Transaction Support – Properties of Transactions, Database Architecture, Concurrency Control – The Need for Concurrency Control, Serializability and Recoverability, Locking Methods, Deadlock, Time Stamping Methods, Multi-version Timestamp Ordering, Optimistic Techniques, Granularity of Data Items, Database Recovery – The Need for Recovery, Transactions and Recovery, Recovery Facilities, Recovery Techniques, Nested Transaction Model. Security: Database Security – Threats, Computer-based Controls – Authorization, Access Controls, Views, Backup and Recovery, Integrity, Encryption, RAID.

Note : Database Management Systems (Computer Science - IV)

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