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Data Structures (Computer Science Paper-III)

Data Structures (Computer Science Paper-III)

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Course Code : B.Sc II-III (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Fundamental Concepts: Introduction to Data Structures, Types of Data Structures, Introduction to Algorithm,Pseudo-code, Flowchart, Analysis of Algorithms.Linear Data Structure Using Arrays: 1-D Arrays, 2-D Arrays, N-D Arrays, Memory Representation and Address Calculation of 1-D, 2-D, N-D Arrays, Concept of Ordered Lists, String Manipulation, Pros and Cons of Arrays. Stacks: Concepts, Primitive Operations, Abstract Data Type, Representation Stacks Using Arrays, Prefix, Infix, Postfix Notations for Arithmetic Expression, Applications of Stacks – Converting Infix Expression to Postfix

Expression, Evaluating the Postfix Expression, Checking Well-formed (Nested) Parenthesis, Processing of Function Calls, Reversing a String.


Recursion: Introduction, Recurrence, Use of Stack in Recursion, Variants of Recursion, Execution of Recursive

Calls, Recursive Functions, Iteration Versus Recursion.

Queues: Concept, Primitive Operations, Abstract Data Type, Representation Queues Using Arrays, Circular

Queue, Double-ended Queue, Applications of Queues.

Linked Lists: Introduction, Concept, Terminology, Primitive Operations – Creating, Inserting, Deleting, Traversing,

Representation of Linked Lists, Linked List Abstract Data Type, Linked List Variants – Singly Linked List, Doubly

Linked List, Linear and Circular Linked List, Representation Stacks and Queues Using Linked Singly Lists,

Application of Linked List – Garbage Collection.


Trees: Introduction, Representation of a General Tree, Binary Tree Introduction, Binary Tree Abstract Data Type,

Implementation of Binary Trees, Binary Tree Traversals – Preorder, Inorder, Postorder Traversals, Applications

of Binary Trees Briefly.

Graphs: Introduction, Graph Abstract Data Type, Representation of Graphs, Graph Traversal – Depth-first

Search, Breadth-first Search, Spanning Tree – Prim’s Algorithm, Kruskal’s Algorithm. Hashing: Introduction, Hash Functions, Collision Resolution Strategies.


Searching and Sorting: Sequential (Linear) Search, Binary Search, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort and Comparison fo Sorting Techniques.

Heaps: Concept, Implementation, Abstract Data Type, Heap Sort.

Note : Data Structures (Computer Science Paper-III), B.Sc II-III (O.U)

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