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Botany Paper-I (OU)

Botany Paper-I (OU)

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Course Code : B.Sc I-Sem (O.U)
ISBN : 9700112233217
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2021
Categories : Arts and Science
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1. Bacteria: Structure, nutrition, reproduction and economic importance. Brief account of Archaebacteria, Actinomycetes and Mycoplasma with reference to little leaf of brinjal and

papaya leaf curl.

2. Viruses: Structure, replication and transmission, plant diseases caused by viruses and their control with reference to tobacco mosaic and rice tungro.

3. An outline of plant diseases of important crop plants caused by bacteria and their control with reference to angular leaf spot of cotton and bacterial blight of rice.


1. General characters, structure, reproduction and classification of algae (Fritsch)

2. Cyanobacteria: General characters, cell structure their significance as biofertilizers with special references to Oscillatoria, Nostoc and Anabaena.

3. Structure and reproduction of the following:

Chlorophyceae - Volvox, Oedogonium and Chara.

Phaeophyceae - Ectocarpus

Rhodophyceae - Polysiphonia.


1. General characters and classification of fungi (Ainsworth).

2. Structure and reproduction of the following:

(a) Mastigomycotina - Albugo

(b) Zygomycotina - Mucor

(c) Ascomycotina - Saccharomyces and Penicillium

(d) Basidiomycotina - Puccinia

(e) Deuteromycotina - Cercospora.

3. Economic importance of lichens.


1. Bryophytes: Structure, reproduction, life-cycle and systematic position of Marchantia, Anthoceros and Polytrichum. Evolution of sporophyte in bryophytes.

2. Pteridophytes: Structure, reproduction, life-cycle and systematic position of Rhynia, Lycopodium, Equisetum and Marsilea.

3. Stelar evolution, heterospory and seed habit in pteridophytes.

Note : Botany Paper-I (OU), B.Sc I-I (O.U)

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