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Basic Electrical Engineering (JNTU-K)

Basic Electrical Engineering (JNTU-K)

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Course Code : B.Tech I-II (ECE) R19
University : JNTU Kakinada
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Engineering
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D.C MACHINES Principles of operation of D.C generator – EMF equation – Types of D.C machines – Torque equation of D.C motor – Applications – Three point starter – Losses and efficiency – Swinburne’s test – Speed control methods – OCC of D.C generator – Brake test on D.C shunt motor – Numerical problems


TRANSFORMERS Principle of operation of single phase transformer constructional features – EMF equation – Losses and efficiency of transformer – Regulation of transformer – OC and SC tests predetermination of efficiency and regulations – Sumpner’s test – Numerical problems.


SYNCHRONOUS GENERATORS Principle of operation of construction of alternators – Types of alternators – Regulation of alternator by synchronous impedance method – EMF equation of three phase alternator. SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS Construction of three phase synchronous motor – Operating principle – Equivalent circuit of synchronous motor.


INDUCTION MACHINE Principle of operation and construction of three-phase induction motors – Slip ring and squirrel cage motors – Slip-torque characteristics – Efficiency calculation – Starting methods – Brake test on 3-phase induction motor.


SPECIAL MACHINES Principle of operation and construction – Single phase induction motor – Shaded pole motors – Capacitor motors and A.C servomotor.

Note : Basic Electrical Engineering (JNTU-K) B.Tech I-II (ECE) R19

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