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Guidelines and Screening Methods of Pharmacology

Guidelines and Screening Methods of Pharmacology

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Course Code : Pharmacy
ISBN : 9789389354522
Author : Surendra H. Bodakhe, Parag Jain, Arin Bhattacharya, Jaya Shree and Amrita Singh
University : General for All University
Categories : Pharmacology
Format : ico_bookPDF (DRM Protected)
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Description :

Drug Discovery is the process by which new molecules are discovered and now a days everybody is becoming aware of its level of importance especially in this era of COVID 19, which creates a possible anticipation of an increment in the demand for books related to screening methods of pharmacology. Pharmacological screening of drugs is a sequential testing of new chemical entities or extracts from biological material in isolated organs followed by test in whole experimental animals. Screening Methods in Pharmacology focuses on the methods for screening of moieties for pharmacological activities and discussions for organization of screening programs. This book envelops a descriptive approach detailed about CPCSEA, OECD and ICH guidelines that must be followed during screening of new drug moieties. It also provides a brief idea about bioassay and research methodology along with various experimental animal screening models for different diseases. This book shall serve as a reference guide for students of Pharmacy and life sciences graduates.

Salient Features

1. Beneficial for Pharmacy and life science graduates and research scholars.

2. Provides various experimental animal screening models for different diseases.

3. Gives special guidelines for animal use during experimental protocols.

4. Provides brief description about Bioassay

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