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Aircraft Structures, Second Edition

Aircraft Structures, Second Edition

Published by BSP Books

Course Code : Aeronautical Engineering
ISBN : 9789389974928
Author : Aircraft Structures
University : General for All University
Categories : Engineering
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Description :

Aircraft structures, with emphasis on light weight, have incorporated special features such as box beams in wings, ring frames in fuselage and longitudinal stiffeners. These are designed for bending, shear and torsion loads. These are also susceptible to buckling, aeroelastic deformation and fatigue.

This book covers comprehensive reading material for the students of Aerospace engineering and caters to the subject usually covered in two semesters.

Special Features:

  • All related topics, such as engineering mechanics, strength of materials, theory of elasticity and Aerodynamics are briefly covered
  • Solved problems provided; additional problems included for practice by students
  • Topics like Fatigue analysis, FEM, Aeroelasticity and materials are included
  • Based on the feedback received for the 1st edition, some associated topics were briefly covered

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