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Software Project Management (O.U)

Software Project Management (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA IV-Sem (O.U)
ISBN : 9700112233102
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Management
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Introduction to Software Project Management

Project Definition, Importance of Software Project Management, Software Project Versus Other Types, Activities Covered by Software Project Management, Categorizing Software Projects, Overview of Project Planning, Step Wise Project Planning.


Project Evaluation and Cost Estimation

Strategic Assessment – Technical Assessment – Cost Benefit Analysis – Cash Flow Forecasting– Cost Benefit Evaluation Techniques – Risk Evaluation – Basics of Software Estimation – Effort and Cost Estimation Techniques – COSMIC Full Function Points – COCOMO II - A Parametric Productivity Model – Staffing Pattern.


Activity Planning

Objectives of Activity Planning – Project Schedules – Activities – Sequencing and Scheduling –Network Planning Models – Forward Pass & Backward Pass Techniques – Critical Path (CPM) Method – Risk Identification – Assessment – Monitoring – PERT Technique – Monte Carlo Simulation, Resource Allocation – Creation of Critical Patterns – Cost Schedules.


Project Management and Control Framework for Management and Control – Collection of Data, Project Termination – Visualizing Progress – Cost Monitoring – Earned Value Analysis – Project Tracking – Change Control – Software Configuration Management – Managing Contracts – Contract Management.


Staffing in Software Projects

Managing People – Organizational Behavior – Best Methods of Staff Selection – Motivation – The Oldham-Hackman Job Characteristic Model – Ethical and Programmed Concerns – Working in Teams– Decision Making – Team Structures – Virtual Teams – Communications Genres – Communication Plans.


Note : MBA IV-Sem (O.U), Software Project Management, it is according to 2016-17 (CBCS) syllabus. May/June-2018 QP, MP with solutions.

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