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Relational Database Management Systems (O.U)

Relational Database Management Systems (O.U)

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Course Code : B.Com III-Sem (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2020
Categories : Arts and Science
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Relational database management systems

B.Com. II Year III Sem (2019-20) (Useful For All Universities of Telangana State)

Unit–I : basic Concepts Database Management System – File Based System – Advantages of DBMS Over File Based System – Database Approach – Logical DBMS Architecture – Three Level Architecture of DBMS or Logical DBMS Architecture – Need for Three level Architecture – Physical DBMS Architecture – Database Administrator (DBA) Functions and Role – Data Files, Indices and Data Dictionary – Types of Database. Relational and ER Models: Data Models – Relational Model – Domains – Tuple and Relation – Super Keys – Candidate Keys – Primary Keys and Foreign Keys for the Relations – Relational Constraints – Domain Constraint – Key Constraint – Integrity Constraint – Update Operations and Dealing with Constraint Violations – Relational Operations – Entity Relationship (ER) Model – Entities – Attributes – Relationships – More about Entities and Relationships – Defining Relationship for College Database – E-R Diagram – Conversion of E-R Diagram to Relational Database.

Unit–II : Database integrity and normalisation Relational Database Integrity – The Keys – Referential Integrity – Entity Integrity – Redundancy and Associated Problems – Single Valued Dependencies – Normalisation – Rules of Data Normalisation – The First Normal Form – The Second Normal Form – The Third Normal Form – Boyce Codd Normal Form – Attribute Preservation – Lossless-join Decomposition – Dependency Preservation. File Organisation : Physical Database Design Issues – Storage of Database on Hard Disks – File Organisation and Its Types – Heap Files (Unordered Files) – Sequential File Organisation – Indexed (Indexed Sequential) File Organisation – Hashed File Organisation – Types of Indexes – Index and Tree Structure – Multi-key File Organisation – Need for Multiple Access Paths – Multi-list File Organisation – Inverted File Organisation.

Unit–III : StructureD Query language (SQL) Meaning – SQL Commands – Data Definition Language – Data Manipulation Language – Data Control Language – Transaction Control Language – Queries using Order by – Where – Group by – Nested Queries, Joins – Views – Sequences – Indexes and Synonyms – Table Handling.

Unit–IV : Transactions and concurrency management Transactions – Concurrent Transactions – Locking Protocol – Serialisable Schedules – Locks Two Phase Locking (2PL) – Deadlock and its Prevention – Optimistic Concurrency Control. Database Recovery and Security: Database Recovery Meaning – Kinds of Failures – Failure Controlling Methods – Database Errors – Backup and Recovery Techniques – Security and Integrity – Database Security – Authorization.

Unit–V : Distributed and Client Server databases Need for Distributed Database Systems – Structure of Distributed Database – Advantages and Disadvantages of DDBMS – Advantages of Data Distribution – Disadvantages of Data Distribution – Data Replication – Data Fragmentation. Client Server Databases: Emergence of Client Server Architecture – Need for Client Server Computing – Structure of Client Server System and its Advantages.

Note : Relational Database Management Systems (O.U) B.Com III-Sem (O.U) 2020-21

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