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Business Law and Ethics (Open Elective-I) (O.U)

Business Law and Ethics (Open Elective-I) (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA I-Sem
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Law of Contracts

Definition of contract and agreement – Classification of contracts, Essential elements of a valid

contract – Offer - Acceptance - Consideration - Capacity to contract - Free consent, Void contracts–

Legality of object - Performance of contract – Remedies for breach of contract - Quasi contracts.


Law Relating to Special Contracts

Salient features of contract of agency, Bailment and pledge, Indemnity and guarantee. Sale of

Goods Act – Distinction between sale and agreement to sell - Conditions and warranties. Negotiable

Instruments Act – Definition and characteristics of a negotiable instrument – Definitions, Essential

elements and distinctions between Promissory note, Bill of exchange and cheques - Types of



Companies Act

Definition of company – Characteristics - Classification of companies - Formation of company -

Memorandum and articles of association – Prospectus - Shareholders meetings - Board meetings

- Law relating to meetings and proceeding - Company - Management - Qualifications, Appointment,

Powers and legal position of directors - Board - M.D and chairman - Their powers.


Consumer Protection Law

Introduction to consumer protection law in India - Consumer councils - Redressal machinery - Rights

of consumers - Consumer awareness. Pollution control law - Air, water and environment pollution

control, Role of public awareness. Laws relating to intellectual property rights, Competition law.

Arbitration and conciliation.


Ethical and Value Based Considerations

Ethical and Value based Considerations - Need and Justification - Business ethics and efficiency

- Social responsibility of business - Fair and just cooperation among owners, managers, workers

and customers - Fair Market Wages - Integrity and ethical consideration in business operations -

Indian value system and it’s relevance in Management.


Note : Business Law and Ethics (O.U), (Open Elective-I) MBA I-Sem

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