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Analog Circuits (Electronics)

Analog Circuits (Electronics)

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Rectifiers and Filters:

Rectiiers–Halfwave,Full wave and bridge rectifiers, Eficiency,Ripplefactor,Regulation, Harmonic components in rectified output,

Filters–choke input(inductor) filter,Shunt capacitor filter, L-section and p-section filters.


RegUlated power supplies: Blockdiagramof regulated power supply, Series and shunt transistorregulated powersupplies, Threeterminal IC regulators(78XX and 79XX), Principle andworkingof switch modepowersupply(SMPS)UPS –Principle andworking.


Transistor Amplifier: Classiication of amplifiers, Hybrid p-model of a transistor, RC coupled amplifier –frequency response andanalysis. Feedback in Amplifiers:Positive and negative feedback,Effectof negative feedback ongain, Bandwidth, Noise, Inputand output impedances, Emitterfollower, Darlington pair andits advantages.



Barkhausen criterion for sustained oscillations,RC oscillators–RC phaseshift and Wein’s bridgeoscillators, LC oscillators-Hartleyand Colpitt. Multi-vibrators: Astable, Mono stable and Bi-stable and Bi-stable multi-vibrators

(Qualitative treatment using BJT's Only).

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