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Statistical Methods (Statistical Paper-III)

Statistical Methods (Statistical Paper-III)

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Course Code : B.Sc II Year - III Sem
Author : SIA Publishers
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Bivariate Data, Scattered Diagram, Principle of Least Squares, Fitting of Straight Line, Quadratic and Power Curves. Concept of Correlation, Computation of Karl-Pearson Correlation coefficient for Grouped and Ungrouped Data and its Properties. Correlation Ratio, Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient and its Properties. Simple Linear Regression,Correlation Verses Regression, Properties of Regression Coefficients.


Concepts of Partial and Multiple Correlation Coefficients (Only for Three Variables). Analysis of Categorical Data, Independence and Association and Partial Association of Attributes, Various Measures of Association (Yule’s) for Two way Data and Coefficient of Contingency (Pearson and Tcherprow), Coefficient of Colligation.


Concepts of Population, Parameter, Random Sample, Statistic, Sampling Distribution and Standard Error. Standard Error of Sample Mean(s) and Sample Proportion(s). Exact Sampling Distributions – Statement and Properties of χ2, t and F distributions and their Interrelationships. Independence of Sample Mean and Variance in Random Sampling from Normal Distributions. Point Estimation of a Parameter, Concept of Bias and Mean Square Error of an Estimate. Criteria of Good Estimator – Consistency, Unbiasedness, Efficiency and Sufficiency with Examples.


Statement of Neyman’s Factorization Theorem, Derivations of Sufficient Statistics in Case of Binomial, Poisson, Normal and Exponential (One Parameter Only) Distributions. Estimation by Method of Moments, Maximum Likelihood (ML), Statements of Asymptotic Properties of MLE. Concept of Interval Estimation. Confidence Intervals of the Parameters of Normal Population by Pivot Method.

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